Julia Hennemann

» About me

My name is Julia Hennemann and I love almost every field of art, design and culture.
I have dealt with most areas at least once in my life, in one way or the other.
This includes, but is not limited to  logos, flyers, booklets, Websites, Film (editing, camera work, light setting), Graphical User Interfaces, sound, typography, film history, art history, history of architecture, drawing, furniture design, interior decoration, photography, photo editing and 3d.


Unfortunately, I do not master all of this. But I really like to try out different things.

For as far as I can remember Photography is my hobby.

I study computer science and design.

Web and print design has long been my job.

But 3D design has become my passion.


I spend most part of my free time with 3D modeling and Sculping.

I like the feeling when an unrecognizable shape turns into something like a 3D character and to breathe life into it by using Face Morphing and Bone Animation.

It is perhaps a little like a mother feels for her child. Maybe it’s like playing God. Anyway it’s a good feeling.

I’m looking forward to spend my life with these things.